Thursday, March 5, 2009

&Again I lack the creativity to blog about something incredibly interesting, so I'm just going to post a few photos from my time with Shayla, and ramble on :). Tonight I've spent the majority of my time after Tom left working on my research paper. The topic I chose was how Christianity lacks the substantial evidence to make it a rational source of conflict. Yes, this relates back to my Bukowski post, but I think I'll take this paper more in a political direction, getting into separation of state, religious wars/conflicts, ect. Amanda found this really interesting website though.. , I highly suggest checking it out sometime. The facts they give are just so.. true. I'm appauled at how sexist the religion actually is, and if we were to actually abide by all of god's commands, we'd be committing mass genocide. The bible actually says to murder homosexuals, those who rebel against their parents(or something along those lines), people who work on the Sabbath, and others. I'd have to research more to find out exactly who else is on the death list, but c'mon. How irrational does this sound? Back to sexism, the bible says women should not speak out, or even speak in the church! So, all you bible-thumping young ladies, god actually wants you to shush up.
Okay, haha. I'm getting too caught up in this :P. I need to simmer down. It's just that the more I read about it, the angier I become at how the whole religion operates.

let's get lighthearted again :)
So I mentioned my visit with Shayla was really nice, and I now have some pictures from our adventures :P. I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday, I think I might look around for prom dress ideas. There's a local-ish thrift store, plus a bridal shoppe(expensive). But that'll ateast give me a starting point. I want to venture out to the more varied shops that are 45-60 minutes away, but I'll need the ambition, directions, and co-piolet to help me navigate :P. I think Amanda plans to come with me, she needs a dress too. I don't want to spend a fortune on prom, but I do want to look nice, and have a wonderful time.

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what a colorful group of youngsters we are! :D

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dressing room fun :P. we were hiding during a mallwide game of hide&seek.

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Oh, I just look ravishing in faux bear fur ;).

♥ Olive
Have a wonderful weekend everyone :D


N a t a l i e. said...

I haven't had anything interesting to blog about lately either, so I just haven't made any new posts recently... :P

Urgh, I hate how religion tries to brainwash people. Whenever Johavah's Witnesses or anything other groups like that come to the door, we just pretend we're not home, haha.

Your visit with Shayla looks like fun, I love the pictures! I really like your hair, hehe. And oh yes, that faux bear fur is simply fabulous, dahhling :)

Kaitlin said...

my week was pretty good, but I am SO glad it's Friday, especially since it's finally starting to get warm outside.

The bible has some good stories, but I don't see how people can be SO devoted to it.

ooh, have fun looking at dresses! looks like you had a good time at the mall last weekend, too.

have a nice weekend!

Nicole Linette said...

Hahaha, mall hide-an-seek is amazing! Cute pictures :D I love that one kid's pants! Sorry for the lack of euphemism.

"So, all you bible-thumping young ladies, god actually wants you to shush up."


!!! peace&love, nicole :)