Tuesday, March 31, 2009


wasteful post :)
Tuesdays are generally bad, or mediocre at best. But the worst part of my day went like so...
Monday night was wonderful. Tom and I worked, and then we made a really delicious omlette together. It included green peppers, onions, brocoli, cheddar cheese, and little cheese filled kehbasa sausages. The next morning I packed a ziploc bowl of it for my lunch today. Sixth period rolls around, and I head down to the music room (the teachers there love me) and I warmed it up in their microwave. Then I head to the lunchroom condiment table. I reach for the pepper shaker, and my little bowl of omlette slides off of the books I'm holding, because I clumsily tilted them, and splatters all over the floor.
>:[Soooooo not cool. Moral of the story is.. don't be akwardly clumsy like so.

tomorrow's april!
Which means Spring Break is only two measley weeks away! I, of course, don't have any big plans. The most exciting thing I MIGHTTTT do, is visit Syracuse University. I'm interested in the Arts & Sciences college there. The area seems nice, and I don't know. I'm just drawn to it, so I might as well check it out, right? :). That trip would include stopping at the Carousel Mall, which I adore! Such a magnificent shopping center. Six floors of AWESOME :P.

Now that our research papers are at a standstill(she's grading our rough drafts), we're doing a poetry section. We watched a movie on Edgar Allen Poe. I found him pretty interesting, despite how strange/gross it is that he was in love with his first cousin, who was quite younger than himself. His story was pretty tragic, especially with all of the people he lost to teburculosis. His poems and stories from what I've heard of and read are quite grotesque and eerie. I find that kind of stuff to be .... cool :)

I've noticed myself wanting to sleep alot lately. Actually, it's probably the normal amount of sleep consumption, but I'm used to being able to run on seven hours or less, but lately I just want to sleep all morning. Alas, I can't. I have school. But I still find my new craving for the zZz's to be a bit random. I have such a desire to go out and take interesting, fresh pictures for myself and to put on my blog. I felt like I needed to add Mr.Poe above to jazz up the boring text. Hopefully I'll get the ambition and this blog will be dull no more :D.
♥ Olive


N a t a l i e. said...

Awww, your poor omelette! It sounds so delicious too ]: Haha oh man, now I'm craving one really badly!

I can be incredibly clumsy too, don't worry--the other day at the library I attempted to take a book off of the tippy-top shelf, because somehow I thought I could reach it on my own without any difficulty. As soon as I pulled it out, the entire row of books that it had been supporting toppled over and fell off of the shelf onto me. Nice Natalie, nice :P

Anywhooo! Yay for April :D I wonder if any April Fools pranks will be played on me... Aww, that stinks that your spring break isn't for two weeks! Usually I don't do anything exciting during spring break at all, but Syracuse sounds like it would be interesting to check out. And whoa, six floors? That is pretty beast :D

Poor Edgar Allen Poe! So many famous artists/writers/etc. had such odd and depressing lives! But I guess maybe they wouldn't even be that famous if it weren't for their strangeness.

Last week it took everything I had in me not to fall asleep during Spanish. I hate how on the weekends I'm so tired that I can fall asleep at 10:30 if I really want to, but on the weeknights I can't seem to get to sleep until midnight or later... Bad habits I guess.

Bad habits like writing exceedingly long comments on blogs when I should be finishing my English homework :P Have a great rest of the week!

N a t a l i e. said...

Oh, and I don't really know about the whole smoking thing, I don't really pay attention to that since I obviously don't smoke haha. It's most likely illegal, but the theater was so packed that the workers or whoever must have not even noticed... I dunno really :P

Jocelyn said...

I agree about the omelet. Oh man, that sounds amazing. I wish I could make things like that at my house but we never have any of the ingredients... But thanks for making my mouth water uncontrollably! ;)

Edgar Allen Poe- what an odd man, he was weird lookin' as well! I want to sleep also! I am sitting here with a Dr P. and I am still zZzonking onto the keyboard, alas i must stay awake I have a study session in 20 minutes...

I hope you find time to sleep and possibly sneak into my house tomorrow morning and make me breakfast in bed... perhaps one of your famous omelets olivia?

Christina Celeste. said...

Oh my god. That omelette story almost reduced me to tears...I had that happen to me once, but with an order of really good french fries instead of an omelette. I know the feeling :(

EDGAR ALLEN POE! Strange, obscure man; seemingly epic, with amazing poems/stories to complement! The thing is, I dig Lemony Snicketesque stuff; anything unfortunate, lanquid, etc I love. How strange, really!

Strangely, Olive, I really have been sleepy too these days. Hmm.

Three words summing up a comment on the mall thing;