Saturday, March 28, 2009

just a little update.

As I mentioned before, Friday was a halfday. I was wicked anxious all day, I don't know what my problem was :P. Once school let out at 11:00, Tom and I made a quick stop at my house, then went tux shopping. We mainly just browsed magazines though, you don't really try tuxes on I guess :P. He chose black pants/jacket with a purple vest and tie. I'm pretty excited for prom :), I think we'll have fun.
sprinkles :)
Once I brought Tom home I hung out at their house with Julie, Jenna, and John. I got to play with Julie's new dwarf hamster, Burgle :). She's so cutttee. I want one really bad now. They're just to die for. I can't get over the adorableness they radiate. Once it got to be time to go, we drove into town and picked up Amanda and Dan. Not all of us could fit, so Amanda, Julie, and I went in our music teacher's car. Or space shuttle, as we called it. Seriously, I believe that thing was technologically advanced enough to fly :P. The game plan was to go with her and meet up with some other teachers, including old Mr. Fisher who recently had to be admitted into a nursing home, for icecream. He's like, our school mascot, haha. He taught back in the 60's. Probably earlier actually, yes, way earlier. So he's been here forever even since he retired atleast a decade ago. So we saw his new living quarters and walked to the icecream shoppe. I ate a nestlee cookie swirl, delishhh :). We sat at picnic tables and chilled for awhile until we were dropped off at the mall. We walked around there, which was slightly boring so I won't elaborate, then I ran into Jess. She wanted to go to a get together at Tom's house, so she agreed to drive me back there with her so there would be adequate room in Jenna's car. Nice deal.
I slept over at Julie's for the night and the next day we ventured out to the better mall. The mall with Forever 21 :P. I didn't get much stuff, just a grey cardigan sweater and a teal camisole. We wanted to get out of the house though. We drove around to a couple different places, mainly petshops :P, and went home. So now I'm writing up my rough draft of my research paper, being why my blogging is such poor quality.

so this is just a filler/update post. i'll write something better tomorrow maybe :).
♥ Olive


Wandering Child said...

Ugh lucky. My school halfdays are just a regular day minus two hours.

I tagged you. There's nothing you can do about it.

Hannah said...

Yay for half-days!! They really do make a week seem so much better :D

Hahah tux shopping sounds like a lot of fun, and it sounds like you've had a pretty good weekend so far!

That nestlee cookie swirl sounds aaaaaaaaamazing,btw :P


Aren Becks said...

spot on! lol, my last three posts have been filler posts.